2 Man Calus NO SPACE EXPLOIT {100% Legit Realm Solo} - Destiny 2


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97% Recommandé


MODE(S) Cooperation, multijoueurs, solo

GENRE(S) Action, fps, rpg

DATE DE SORTIE Le Mardi 01 octobre 2019


ITS IRON's PoV sample clips, to give you an idea of what he was dealing with: Clip 1: http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/lTS%20IRON/video/37654988 Clip 2: http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/lTS%20IRON/video/37655523 Clip3: http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/lTS%20IRON/video/37656041 Full twitch past broadcast that shows us developing the strategy with chat: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/180700556 Shew. Pretty GLADD this is done with for now. This 2 man challenge proved to be very... stressful haha. So many things can go wrong, especially when compared to the "space exploit" 2 man. If you're not familiar with the space exploit, there is a spot near the giant space head where you can position yourself as to NOT be sucked into his mouth. The only complaints I've seen from the previous 2 mans revolved around this exploit. This was the main driving force behind ITS IRON and myself grinding this out. We wanted to show that a legit 2 man was possible, despite being called "impossible" by many. Thanks for the run IRON! How Is This Possible Legit? Space/Realm: This is the part that was considered impossible or unlikely by many. There's just so little time to kill 2 bubble psions and 3 floor psions every "symbol phase." On top of that, the floor psions launch that super annoying purple stuff at you, that causes you to be launched over the barriers. And on top of that, how do you keep yourself in place long enough to "catch" the next barrier (it's very easy to get sucked through). Not to mention just surviving the entire thing all the way to the end. The biggest thing here is to STRAFE STRAFE STRAFE! Sliding from left to right and right to left helps you avoid the purple blasts. While doing this, you use a linear fusion rifle (I used Man O War) to snipe the 2 bubble psions. From there, you swap to a handcannon and quickly take out the 3 floor psions before they kill you. It's very important to avoid ramps and holes in the floor, so being fully aware of your surroundings is crucial. Lastly, using your melee to keep you from getting sucked through on a late barrier spawn. If IRON guessed the wrong psion in the throne room, the barrier would disappear and it would delay the next one from spawning. To prevent this from sucking me through, I would melee a psion as I was passing him, temporarily stopping my forward momentum. For skulls, I used Coldheart, a healing rift, and Lunafaction Boots for the instant reload. I simply strafed in and out of the rift while ADSing. I was able to average about a x105 Force of Will each phase. Throne Room: The biggest discovery that we made was a pattern that we found for 2 out of the 4 symbols. Dog/Beast NEVER shows up, so that simplified things right away. Not really sure why, probably something in the coding or something. The patterns are as follows: If BLADES is called - it's 100% the CHALICE psion If SUN is called - it's 100% the BEAST psion If CHALICE is called - it's either SUN or BLADES I noticed the beginning to a pattern after watching a video from DrakeSR. After careful studying, I noticed that the correct psion is NEVER THE ONE DIAGONAL to the called symbol. We took this knowledge and began further testing on it. I had lots of help from many awesome people in this community. They put together a spreadsheet that tracked each failed run that we had. I will link the spreadsheet below and fully credit everyone who participated. I can't thank you all enough! Sorry if anyone is missed! Anyway, the spreadsheet eventually proved that CHALICE would be the only wildcard of the 3 symbols. IRON's job was to listen to my callout and make a very quick decision as to which psion to kill, guessing every time on CHALICE. He continued to pay attention to my callouts, while simultaneously slaying enemies for add control. Every time CHALICE was guessed incorrectly, another shielded major enemy would spawn. His job is also not an easy one, however, devour helps here big time! Devour helps keep his health high enough to get the stun before each damage phase. Basically, he ran around like a mad man. I think that about sums up all the important info for this "non-exploited" 2 man kill of Calus. I am definitely not discrediting anyone who has completed the 2 man using the space exploit. It's still a very impressive feat and one to be proud of. This is just how Destiny PvE challenges usually go; they start with a basic strategy and grow dramatically with time. So GGs to all of the other 2 man groups out there! Lastly, lots of credit goes to the following people for helping out in some way or another: DrakeSR Nuria_Age_ Rationalace99 Siberiaan XXMF_KOONXX Jackalope ocaTaco hisroyalstignes Zokz18 Xsolomagicx Much love all! Gladd ITS IRON Tracking Spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1qwNhRZQZgCl1IKHwhzUO7lsTNFw9S8tOxWOl2x4qxfs/edit

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