NEW WORLD - Interview du développeur des quêtes Michael Willette

Asmongold and Rich interview Mike, part of the New World Developer team.CHECK OUT NEW WORLD: Twitter: Instagram: Discord:'s Twitch: Asmongold's Twitter: Asmongold's Instagram: Asmongold's YouTube by Corporate_Loser #Interview #AsmongoldTIMESTAMPS0:00 Intro 3:01 Preivew Event 4:40 how much can things change 8:00 Gameplay loops, leveling vs endgame. 9:59 Instanced Content and Endgame Challenges 12:14 Leveling Speed/Pacifist Gameplay 14:33 What do you want to change from watching players 15:42 Multi-weapon cooldown/Player Feedback 17:53 Mounts 19:18 Body Blocking/Mob tagging 21:31 Diversifying the world 22:52 Region Control 24:18 Crafting and Gear in Endgame 26:38 Quickfire questions